36.5 is the optimal temperature of our body, an indicator of good health, and is also the name of Barcelona TV’s health magazine, produced in collaboration with four main local public hospitals: Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau, Hospital Clínic, Hospital del Mar and Hospital Universitari Vall d'Hebron.

    Every week, the program offers a dialogue between doctors and patients in order raise awareness about illnesses with great prevalence, or poorly known by the population. The host of this dialogue is Dr. Eduard Estivill, an MD who is at the same time a well-known communicator on medical issues.

    The patients’ testimony allows the viewer to understand how the illness affects their life, and how they cope with it. The specialist doctors invited in each program assuage fears, resolve doubts, debunk myths and errors, and comment on the latest research related to the week’s topic.

    With its realistic and positive outlook, the goal of 36.5 is to inform and provide solutions. Each week, the focus is centered on a disease: who is affected and how, which treatments are available, and how it can be prevented.

    The topics covered in the series are: obesity, breast cancer, stroke, fibromyalgia, addictions, diabetes, Alzheimer's, back pain, sleep disorders, depression, infertility, transplants, and AIDS and other STDs.

    EditorAndrea Ferrando
    DirectorDavid Ramos
    Production managersAndrea Ulied, Marc Vargas
    WritersGerard Farré-Escofet, Anabel Herrera, Juanma Arizmendi
    HostEduard Estivill
    GraphicsDavid Lanna, Asier Lasa
    AnimationsMireia Font
    Sound mixÀlex Vilches
    EditingCésar Núñez
    Video reporterQuim Box
    Location assistantAntoni Parera
    Editorial assistantXavier Arnaiz
    CamerasXavi Lozano, Oriol Llopis, Jordi Bofill, Jaime Ballada, Josep Badell
    Sound recordistFrancesc Canals
    LightingNando Gutiérrez
    Lighting assistantBecho Knubovetz
    Technical assistantJordi Ribas
    CateringCasa Carmela
    Set decoratorJulia García
    Executive producerJoan Úbeda
    Head of productionRita Pujals
    Producer BTVGemma Gallén