Traveling is no longer a luxury, and that’s why airports have become some sort of new cathedrals. A microcosmos full of stories - of passengers workers. In this series, we delve into Barcelona’s airport, in public areas but also where passengers are not allowed to go, such as the platform, where aircraft are loaded and unloaded, or the control tower. Our guide is the actor Queco Novell, who narrates the series with a relaxed, sometimes even ironic tone – ultimately becoming another character in the series.
    EditorPol Izquierdo
    Director Jana Manich
    Assistant directorJoan Álvarez
    Production managerAnna Salvany
    Content coordinatorJanot Caba
    NarratorQueco Novell
    Location producers Xavi Ortells, Clàudia Ripoll, Clara Camprubí, Anabel Herrera, Juanma Arizmendi, Gerard Farré-Escofet, Anna Camps
    CameraPau Raya Castell
    Additional camera Santi Ortiz, German Rubies, Pau Pericas
    Location soundGerard Tàrrega, Albert Royo, Francesc Canals
    Editing Pepe Rodríguez “Pepit”, César Núñez, Gemma Pastor, Laura P. Sola
    Shooting assistantNacho Llopart
    GraphicsAnna Paretas, Asier Lasa
    Sound and music editingMiguel Arrieta
    Technical coordinationLluís López, Miguel Andrés Curvelo, Jordi Ribas, Jordi Gavaldà
    Senior production manager Pilar Razquin
    Executive Producer M314Joan Úbeda
    Executive Producer TV3Josep Maria Casellas
    Executive Editor TV3Miquel Garcia