They are leaders in their professional field. They have contributed their talents to society and, from Catalonia, they have reached the world. They have one thing in common: they were born in different parts of the rest of Spain but, one way or another, they all have rooted in Catalonia.

    Each episode in this series portrays one such character, aiming at discovering their origins, their roots, the reasons that led them to Catalonia and how they have taken root here.

    The series is hosted by journalist and publisher Ernest Folch, who crisscrosses Catalonia with the protagonists and, through intimate and revealing conversations, reveals how living here has affected them. He also travels with them to their birthplace in search of their origins. There, they evoke old memories, ancient customs and yesteryear flavors. They also meet some of the people who marked the character’s life.

    By looking at the characters’ origins, the series aims to better understand their achievements. By distilling the essence of the character, each episode opens up a space for reflection on the complexity of concepts such as roots and identity.

    The characters are actress Mònica Lopez, designer Javier Mariscal, alpinist Edurne Pasaban, writer Javier Cercas, novelist Alicia Giménez Bartlett, winemaker Alvaro Palacios, priest Father Manuel, computer scientist Mateo Valero, fashion designer Margarita Nuez, social entrepreneur Cristóbal Colón, musician Luis Cabrera and lawyer María José Varela.
    EditorsGerard Farré-Escofet, Andrea Ferrando
    HostErnest Folch
    DirectorAndrea Ferrando
    Assistant director Xavi Vila
    Production manager Xesc Estapé
    DOPDavid Barragán
    Writers Anna Camps, Anabel Herrera, Arnau Monràs, Pep Blay
    Camera Xuban Intxausti, Patricio Vial, Eva Alimón, Xavi Vila, Francesc Peris, David Bretones, Nando Gutiérrez
    Location soundFrancesc Canals, Giannie Tognarelli
    ResearchAnabel Herrera
    Intern Elisenda Gorgues
    EditingFrancesc Peris, Natàlia Martínez, Gerard Ribas
    Graphics Hissora Linse, Asier Lasa
    Mescla de soÀlex Vilches
    Color correctionXavi Viñas
    Technical coordinationLluís López, Jordi Gavaldà
    StyleÁngeles Formentín, Laura Ribas
    Senior production managerPilar Razquin
    Executive producerJaume Roures
    Executive Producer TVCJosep Maria Casellas