BESTIAL is a fifty-minute daily show covering the universe of animals which interact with people: pets, cattle and fowl, zoo specimens…

    The program’s team follows the daily life of country veterinarians, vets from big city clinics or ethologists trying to improve the behavior of stubborn pets. The reporters also go into the homes of people who simply love their animals to see how they live this very special relation. All with a warm and friendly attitude toward the animals and the people who care about them.
    EditorAlejandro Moreu
    DirectorDavid Ramos
    ProducerAndrea Ulied, Leire Larisgoitia, Marc Vargas, Patricia Rodriguez
    ReportersMeritxell Esteve, Nerea Tubau, Janot Caba, Imma Sust, Begoña Mencía
    CameraPau Raya, Cristina Monclús, David Cánovas, Javi León, Daniel Novo, Natalia Mancebo, Montse Bohigas
    WriterGerard Farré-Escofet, Anna Fernández
    EditingAinhoa Ruiz de Gopegui, Pepe Rodríguez, Francesc Peris, Alba Oriol, César Núñez, Gerard Ribas
    Technical supportLluís López
    Technical assistantAsier Lasa
    InternAna Cayuela
    Executive producerGilbert Arroyo, Eli Pons
    Executive directorJoan Úbeda, Rita Pujals
    Delegate producerLuis Morales