We rely on our sense of vision to gather 80% of the information required for our everyday life. This means that most of our skills and the activities we carry out depend heavily on visual information. But ... is that the only way to see the world? Not for Pili.

    CON MIS OJOS is a travel show in which Pili, who became blind at age 20, explores Spain with her guide dog, offering the viewer a unique way of discovering locations, people and experiences.

    It’s a journey of tourism and cultural discovery as well. On her way, Pili visits historical monuments and landscapes, takes part in festivals, tastes the local food, learns about the traditional heritage and immerses herself in a sea of new sensations. The series focuses particularly in the interaction between Pili and the people she meets along her journey. These interpersonal contacts convey the cultural and traditional diversity and richness which is to be found along the series.

    In each episode, Pili visits a city and its hinterland, which she explores and discovers for three or four days.

    This program is an adaptation of DANS TES YEUX, a format created by UPSIDE TELEVISION and aired by the French-German cultural channel ARTE.
    Main charactersPili Calvo, Kenzie
    EditorGilbert Arroyo
    DirectorMiguel E. López
    Production managerAndrea Ulied
    WriterAnabel Herrera, Gilbert Arroyo
    Location producerTxell Esteve, Roger Valls
    CameraMiguel E. López, Pep Sancho
    Sound recordingFrancesc Canals
    EditingNatàlia Martínez, Miquel Strubell
    Assistant editorAsier Lasa
    GraphicsXavi Viñas
    Sound mixÀlex Vilches
    Music Jordi Dalmau
    Technical support Lluís López
    Executive producerJoan Úbeda
    Senior production managerPilar Razquin
    Executive producer TVEÁngel Villoria
    Original formatUpside Television (France)
    Special 2015 Zapping Award by TAC (Telespectadors Associats de Catalunya)
    2015 Dependencia y Sociedad Award for Communication (Fundación CASER)