In a few years, technology will merge with our bodies in ways that today seem unimaginable and will redefine the limits of what’s a human being. Nowadays, there are already people crossing the boundary just for the sake of it - implanting electronic devices that provide them capacities that go beyond what is "normal." They are the first cyborgs, and they face society’s reaction, ranging from mistrust to enthusiasm. Currently, they are only a small minority and many people see them as weird experimenters but, in the near future, we may recognize them as pioneers.

    The film’s main characters are four cyborgs. We learn why they decided to implant themselves, what are the advantages and difficulties they find in their daily life and how they fight to overcome social mistrust. We also visit high-level research labs, where we realize that science is closer than we think to be able to turn ourselves into cyborgs - and that the barrier is, above all, ethical. In the final part, the film analyzes the philosophical, ethical and legal implications of going beyond human by letting machines become part of us.

    Written and directed by Rafel Duran
    Executive producers Joan Úbeda, Fabrice Estève
    DOPYoan Cart
    CameraDavid Arasa, David Barragán, Sergio Carmona, Yoan Cart, Rafel Duran, Vicente Franco, Hervé Glabeck, Robert Iseni, Gris Jordana, Francesc Peris
    Sound recordistsAngelo D’Angelico, Francesc Canals, Mario L.Cardenas, Brian Davies, Dino DiStefano, Simon Graf, Claus Lauritzen, Lauretta Molitor, Natxo Ortuzar
    EditingCarlos Prieto Cabrera
    Scientific consultant Michele Catanzaro
    Assistant editorEdu Picó
    Technical coordinatorLluís López
    GraphicsLa Gamba Negra
    VFX coordinationFreeyourpost
    VFX supervisionRafa Galdó
    VFX artistCarlos Robles
    ColoristAlexandre Sadowski
    MusicStéphane López
    NarrationAlex Warner
    Sound mixMiguel Arrieta, Didier Cattin
    Head of productionPilar Razquin
    Production managersEva Peris, Sofia Saa
    Production coordinatorDavina Breillet
    Development producer Eva Peris
    Production assistant Eugénie Gaubert
    AccountingManuel Barrionuevo, Philippe Bedfert
    Legal affairsElena Sota
    TranscriptionsAdrian Devant
    Interns Louise Bansard, Mathilde Faisant, Marta García, Nam Phan Van Song, Maeva Ranc, Laia Rosinés, Luis Sánchez, Melissa Verdier, Julien Welter
    7th Life Sciences Film Festival, Prague 2017
    Nomination NTR Audience Award, InScience Dutch International Science Film Festival. Nijmegen, The Netherlands 2017