In 2015, Germany was the only European country that offered an open-door policy to the refugees fleeing The film shows the impact of this phenomenon on Dresden, a city in the media spotlight as the birthplace and stage of the PEGIDA demonstrations (Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West), an organization openly hostile towards refugees.

    Through intimate meetings with several city dwellers, the film portrays a divided city, with a very troubled history that influences the way its residents respond to the arrival of the refugees. For some, the town's history and their own experiences inspire them to participate in actions to welcome the refugees, whilst others find justifications in the past for rejecting them.

    DRESDEN REFUGE reminds the viewer that welcoming refugees has been a constant in Germany since the end of the Second World War and that the distress experienced by displaced persons is the same in all the wars.

    This film is part Europa Transit, a program of DSS2016 (Donostia/San Sebastián European Capital of Culture 2016).
    Original idea and Series editorXuban Inxausti
    Executive ProducerJoan Úbeda
    Senior Production ManagerPilar Razquin
    Written byArnau Monràs
    Directed byDavid Ramos
    Camera and editingDavid Ramos
    DOPMarc Duran
    Production managerLeire Larisgoitia
    Ass. Prod. Man. BelfastRichard Glenholmes, Keylite Lighting Services
    Location soundGiannie Tognarelli
    Script coordinationArnau Monràs, Leire Larisgoitia
    FeaturingSira Abenoza
    ResearchSandra Conesa,Catarina Rúbies, Maialen Lizarra
    Editing assistantJordi González
    GraphicsAsier Lasa
    ColoristXavier Viñas
    Sound mixAlex Vilches
    Technical coordinationLluís López, Jordi Gavaldà
    Translations and subtitlesK2000 (Javier Manzano)