Firefighters, police officers, ambulance crews and A&E staff are professionals who, somehow, are addicted to uncertainty and chaos and to the adrenaline rush that solving them generates. If there is no chaos, they’re not called to action. That’s why, when they wake up, they would prefer a quiet day at work. Because that would mean that there is no chaos, that nothing happens, no emergencies. But this happens very rarely and, when a call arrives, they go from 0 to 100 in a few seconds, bringing order to disorder, mediating between conflicting versions, saving lives - but they don’t see themselves as heroes: they just do their job, period. The series "Emergency" follows some of these professionals in their workday. How do they work? Why do they do it? Are they affected?
    EditorPol Izquierdo
    Director Jana Manich, Mireia Pigrau
    Assistant directorJoan Carles Calvera
    Production managerAnna Salvany
    Content coordinatorSamantha Vall
    Location producersXavi Ortells, Anna Alsina, Janot Caba, Samantha Vall, Pol Izquierdo
    Camera Pau Raya Castell, Christian Serinyà
    Location sound Gerard Tàrrega, Albert Royo
    EditingPepe Rodríguez “Pepit”, Gerard Ribas, César Núñez
    NarratorMontse Llussà
    Shooting assistant Jaume Recasens Bel
    GraphicsSantiago Vieito, Asier Lasa
    Sound and music editingMiguel Arrieta
    Technical coordinationLluís López
    Senior production managerPilar Razquin
    Executive Producer M314Joan Úbeda
    Executve Producer TV3Josep Maria Casellas
    Executive Editor TV3Miquel Garcia