Sira Abenoza, a university professor of philosophy in Barcelona, believes that most of society’s conflicts are caused by a lack of dialogue. Based on this premise, she has been conducting “Socratic encounters” between people from opposite walks of life (law students and prison inmates, for instance) in Spain and Latin America, with the aim of listening to “the other” to understand their points of view, without judging or trying to impose one’s ideas.

    In this film, Sira travels to Belfast to try to understand how a person can embrace violence in the pursuit of political goals, and what this means at the personal level and for the community – and the legacy that violent conflict leaves behind, years after the violence has ended. For this, she brings together former activists from the IRA and loyalist paramilitary groups, a former soldier from the British army, and a former Ulster police officer to sit around the same table. Their open, intense exchanges are interwoven with testimony from victims, mediators and youngsters who never had to experience life during the Troubles - and who are the hope for the future.

    This film is part Europa Transit, a program of DSS2016 (Donostia/San Sebastián European Capital of Culture 2016).
    Original idea and Series editorXuban Inxausti
    Executive ProducerJoan Úbeda
    Senior Production ManagerPilar Razquin
    Written byArnau Monràs
    Directed byDavid Ramos
    Camera and editingDavid Ramos
    DOPMarc Duran
    Production managerLeire Larisgoitia
    Ass. Prod. Man. BelfastRichard Glenholmes, Keylite Lighting Services
    Location soundGiannie Tognarelli
    Script coordinationArnau Monràs, Leire Larisgoitia
    FeaturingSira Abenoza
    ResearchSandra Conesa,Catarina Rúbies, Maialen Lizarra
    Editing assistantJordi González
    GraphicsAsier Lasa
    ColoristXavier Viñas
    Sound mixAlex Vilches
    Technical coordinationLluís López, Jordi Gavaldà
    Translations and subtitlesK2000 (Javier Manzano)