A hundred years ago, Francesc Moragas, one of the most influential Catalans (yet one of the least known), created a network of services related to old age, poverty, health, children, women and the disabled --which ultimately became today’s ”la Caixa” Foundation. In the 21st century, public institutions have taken on some of these initiatives, but others still remain. Moragas’ successors keep reinterpreting his pioneering social principles, on which he built an institution of great importance for Catalan society.
    Written byJoan Úbeda
    Directed bySusi Marquès
    ResearcherPep Blay
    Content AdvisorJaume Grau
    Production managerElena García
    Senior production manager Pilar Razquin
    Executive producer Joan Úbeda
    ImageDavid Barragán, Cristina Monclús, Pep Sancho, Patricio Vial
    Location soundFrancesc Canals, Gerard Tàrrega, Giannie Tognarelli
    EditingCésar Núñez
    GraphicsAsier Lasa
    Color correctionXavier Viñas
    MusicMarta Andrés,Joan Gil
    NarratorDaniel-Francis Berenson
    Sound mixPablo Martín
    Technical coordination Lluís López
    Translations and subtitlesDeskriptik
    AccountingJosé Luis Alcaraz
    Legal affairsElena Sota