During 11 weeks, in a prison near Barcelona, seven inmates and seven law students engage in weekly two-hour sessions of Socratic dialogue which begin with philosophy but very quickly turn to life experience (happiness, fear, responsibility, justice…). The two groups are as different as they can possibly be: each prisoner has a harsh history which shows in their gaze and in each pore of their skin; the students, from well-off families, are confronted for the first time with the effects of what they learn in the books. For all of them, this unique experience is a true journey of discovery. In the end, the most pressing question that arises is the real prospect for the prisoners' successful reintegration into society. Combining key moments from the sessions with intimate portraits, the film allows us to witness the evolution of each participant during the process - from initial reservations and prejudices to the understanding that truth is essentially complex and cannot be reduced to a stereotype. It’s a no-holds-barred portrait of two sets of people who have the courage to break out of their own bubble to try and understand each other’s reasons.
    Written byGilbert Arroyo
    Directed byMarc Parramon
    EditingXavi Viñas
    Production managerAnna Salvany
    Senior production managerPilar Razquin
    Executive producer Joan Úbeda
    Executive producer TVC Muntsa Tarrés
    Commissioning editor TVC Joan Salvat
    Image Marc Parramon, René Cortabitarte, Nando Gutiérrez, Xuban Inxausti, Oriol Llopis, Christian Serinyà
    Location sound Giannie Tognarelli
    Additional soundFrancesc Canals, Nicolás Céléry, Gerard Tàrrega
    Location assistantJordi Ribas
    GraphicsAsier Lasa
    Color correctionXavier Viñas
    MusicJordi Dalmau
    Sound mixÀlex Vilches
    Technical coordination Lluís López, Jordi Gavaldà
    InternRamon Balderich
    StillsCèsar Núñez
    AccountingJosé Luis Alcaraz
    Legal affairsElena Sota