A team of 30 people followed all the stages of Pirena using the latest audiovisual technology to capture and transmit daily the most spectacular images of the raid.

    Beyond hosting the segments, Álvaro Bultó, a well-known sportsman and adventurer, gave his personal impression on the experience as he took part in the race for the first time, as a guest musher.
    Executive productionJoan Úbeda, Jose Quílez
    Head of productionRita Pujals, Pilar Razquin
    DirectionGilbert Arroyo
    Location directorUri Garcia
    Postproduction directorGerard Ribas
    Technical supportLluís López
    HostsÁlvaro Bultó, Janot Caba
    Shooting productionIván Bayascas
    WritingAnabel Herrera
    CameraMarc Duran, Pere Parés, Ferran Calvet, Xavi Crespiera, Miki Fuentes, Xuban Intxausti
    EditionXavier Bergés, Ainhoa Ruiz de Gopegui, César Núñez, Anabel Gutiérrez-Otero, Edu Picó, Marc Alcover
    Sound recordistJoan Escriu
    Sound MixNéstor Oñatibia
    Delivery coordinationTere Milá
    GraphicsAsier Lasa
    NarrationMiquel Company, Joan Portao
    Opening sequence directorAndrés Locatelli
    Opening sequence editing and musicJoan Redondo
    MusherLázaro Martínez