Basque performance artist Maite Arroitajauregi "Mursego" travels to Sarajevo and Gorazde to create a musical piece evoking Vedran Smailović’s rendition of Albinoni’s Adagio in May 1992, amid sniper fire, to pay tribute to 22 civilians that were murdered as they queued for bread.

    Through conversations and exchanges with local people, Maite discovers the consequences of war and the current situation in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Testimonies by women fighters, thinkers, veterans, students, and musicians inspire her with sounds for a final concert in Sarajevo.

    A documentary about the ability of individuals and societies to overcome the trauma of war and about the power of music.

    Original idea and Series EditorXuban Inxausti
    Executive ProducerJoan Úbeda
    Senior Production ManagerPilar Razquin
    Written byAnna Camps
    Directed byMarc Parramon
    Camera and editingMarc Parramon
    Production managerLeire Larisgoitia
    GraphicsAsier Lasa
    Technical coordinationLluís López, Jordi Gavaldà
    Translations and subtitlesK2000 (Javier Manzano)