After Franco’s death, Spain’s transition from dictatorship to democracy amazed the world. Today, Spain amazes for the wrong reasons: billions wasted in public works; astronomical unemployment rates, peaking at 58.5% youth unemployment. A royal princess accused of tax fraud and over 600 politicians and public officials implicated in corruption cases. Meanwhile, the massive Catalan pro-independence movement is questioning the very essence of the state.

    Corruption is rife and transparency non-existent. As people realize the extent to which the old networks and affiliations, leading all the way back to the Franco years, continue to pull the threads, they are turning their back on the current system. New political parties like Podemos and Ciudadanos, with no ties to the transition years, are challenging the establishment and promising reforms.
    Polls predict that the general elections (December 2015) will mark the end of the stagnating two-party system that has dominated the Spanish political landscape for the last four decades. Spain is facing an uncertain yet exciting future that may well bring about the end of the system that began forty years ago with the death of the dictator.

    Combining carefully selected archive, interviews with key players and analysis by well-connected observers and insiders, this film gives fresh insight into the state of mind of a country which seems headed for a new transition to a more profound democracy.

    Featuring Pablo Iglesias, Jordi Sánchez, Ada Colau, Albert Rivera, Esteban González Pons, Trinidad Jiménez, Gilles Tremlett, Sandrine Morel, Ernesto Ekaizer, Isabel San Sebastián, Josep Ramoneda, Jose Carlos Díez, José Vicente Barcia
    Youngsters in Cádiz Carmen Jiménez, Graciela Menéndez, Lucía Marón, Fernando López, Juan Antonio Rivera
    Written byJaume Grau
    Directed bySergio Ghizzardi
    Produced byM314: Joan Úbeda – IA: Françoise Gazio
    CameraEtienne Monier, Raül Fabregat
    Location soundAleix Cuaresma, Efrem Carbó, Vicente Carrasco, Jesús Ruiz
    EditingToni Vizcarra
    Production managerM314: Alicia Olivares, Elena García – IA: Lilanna Champenois
    Senior production managerM314: Pilar Razquin – IA: Claire Lion
    Ass. Prod. Manager Sophie-Catherine Gallet
    TranscriptsLea Bardet, Elisenda Gorgues
    GraphicsAsier Lasa
    Color correctionXavier Viñas, Stéphanie Bisutti
    MusicKarim Baggili
    NarratorMolly Malcom
    Sound mixBruno Lagoarde
    Technical coordination Lluís López, Jordi Gavaldà
    AccountingM314: José Luis Alcaraz – IA: Myriam Amroun, Nelly Besse-Gougay
    Legal affairsElena Sota