How do Spaniards spend the summer? Is it true that the only sensible thing to do with under the heat is lying on the beach? Is the sea the only place to live in summer? In this year of economic crisis we discover the virtues of domestic tourism with Summertime, a road movie on La Sexta featuring the best plans for the season.

    Reporters Ares Teixidó and Begoña Mencia guide us on a
    journey full of surprises and discover a lot of options for summer fun: dancing in the best music festivals, eating at fancy restaurants, going to a party on a yacht, following a craftsman from beach to beach, sleeping in boutique hotels, in a palace or in tents in the mountains, improvising a paella in the country, sharing the sunrise with fishermen at sea, driving a convertible car or enjoying family life in a truly classic camping.
    Executive producerJoan Úbeda
    EditorOriol Gispert
    DirectorImma Sust
    Senior production managerRita Pujals
    Production manager La SextaSara Ranz
    ReportersAres Teixidó, Begoña Mencía
    Production managerMireia Gaitán
    ResearchMàrius Sánchez, Lara Casanovas,Alessandra Martín
    WriterGilbert Arroyo, Juanma Arizmendi, Gerard Farré-Escofet, Natàlia Centelles
    Assistant directorLaura Ruiz
    Assistant production managerJúlia Bullich, Andrés Bueno, Vanesa Aparicio, Andrés Abáigar
    CameraFernando J. Fernández, Xuban Intxausti
    EditingCèsar Núñez, Miki Martínez, Edu Picó, Xavier Bergés, Anabel Gutiérrez-Otero, Xavier Lozano
    Sound mixÁlex Vilches
    Technical supportLluís López
    Postproduction assistantAsier Lasa
    MusicSound Garden