Vets is a program on the relationship between animals and their owners. A show for the whole family whose stories, sometimes sad and sometimes funny, always focus on the animals and the people who love them.

    The series closely follows stories unfolding in various settings such as clinics, farms, zoos and homes of Catalonia involving all sort of pets, livestock and exotic wildlife. It shows the work of clinic and country vets, educators, biologists, naturalists and wildlife keepers. Through them we learn about the problems and needs of the animals and how to treat them. The series also focuses on the feelings and emotions of the owners, who are deeply committed to the well-being of the animal.
    Series editorAndrea Ferrando (2014-2015), Gerard Farré-Escofet (2012-2014)
    Series directorAndrea Ferrando (2012-2013), Susi Marquès (2014)
    Production managerAnna Salvany, Andrea Ulied
    WriterAnna Camps, Janot Caba
    NarratorPol Izquierdo
    Shooting coordinationJuanma Arizmendi, Janot Caba, Gerard Farré-Escofet
    Location producerJuanma Arizmendi, Anna Camps, Janot Caba
    CameraPau Raya, Francesc Peris, Cristina Montclús
    Sound recordistFrancesc Canals, Giannie Tognarelli, Gerard Tàrrega
    EditingAnna Llort, Natàlia Martínez, Francesc Peris, Pepe Rodríguez, Xavi Viñas
    Opening sequenceMireia Font (2015), Sira Viñolas (2012-2014)
    Graphics assistantAsier Lasa
    Sound mixÀlex Vilches
    Linguistic advisorJordi Quiles
    Opening sequence musicJ. Ll. Jornet ‘Pantxulo’
    Technical coordinatorLluís López
    Executive producer Media 3.14Joan Úbeda
    Senior production manager M314Pilar Razquin
    Executive producer TV3Josep Maria Casellas
    Commissioning Editor TV3Miquel Garcia