In Spain, a group of people diagnosed with mental health disorders is leading a silent and slow revolution. Tired of drug therapies that entailed strong side effects, mechanical restraints and long hospitalizations, they claim for more investment in psychological and psychosocial treatments, prevention and job resources that allow them to live with their diagnostic, but inside society.

    Edgar is a social worker. Cristina is a poet. Angel, an engineer in a big petrol company. Elisenda, a young journalist, and David, a painter. They are diagnosed with a mental disorder, but take time from their lives to work as activist for human rights in mental health. They are the first ones and some of the youngest ones in their country. And want to tell society there is another way to look at mental health problems. Without Stigma. Because as latest scientific research says, people with mental health disorders can recover, but they need the rights and resources to fight for it. And overall, they need a new look free from prejudices coming from the whole society.

    In this documentary, the viewer will also know about the Finnish Open Dialogue program through the eyes of a Spanish activist and the Girona public net, well-recognized all over Europe. They are both examples of this new paradigm of recovery spreading all over the world.
    Written by Marta Espar
    Director/DOP/Editor Marc Parramon
    Production managerEva Peris
    Senior production managerPilar Razquin
    Executive producerJoan Úbeda
    Delegate producer TVCJoan Pavón
    Commissioning editor TVCJoan Salvat
    Executive Producer TVCJordi Ambròsr
    Additional imageAdrián Rogriguez, Francesc Peris, Pep Sancho
    SoundNatxo Ortúzar, Tuomo Marttinen
    GraphicsAleix Abellanet
    MúsicAudio Network
    Sound mixFernando Novillo
    Technical coordination Lluís López
    TranslationsX Alba Sala, Jordi Mir, Polaris Kielipalvelut, Mervi Karppinen
    InternAdrián Rodríguez